Backstory: durian delivery

Failed Payment System

$40K Revenue Lost with Overwhelming Orders

Seasonal businesses that see spikes in demand require robust payment solutions. Durian Delivery, a business that sells fresh durians online, lost $40k revenue in a day because its payment provider could not handle the increase of demand in customer orders. A more robust and reliable payment solution was absolutely critical to the survival of the business. 

“I didn’t just lose $40,000 that day, I greatly disappointed my customers and lost valuable inventory.”

– Benjamin Tan, CEO of Durian Delivery

Liquid Gateway E-commerce Solution

No Set Up Fees Required with 24/7 Support Service

Since switching to Liquid Gateway’s E-commerce payment solution, Durian Delivery has not experienced any payment disruptions even during sharp spikes in order volume. The new solution was swiftly integrated in a day via their 24-hour customer support with minimal business interruption, no setup fees or other hidden costs.

With a smoother customer checkout process, Durian Delivery even saw a further increase in website conversion rates, translating to revenue growth of 20-35%.


revenue savings

over 70.2 hours

of downtime saved

Why did Durian Delivery Choose Liquid Gateway?

Highly Secure

We keep your business protected with our advanced fraud prevention tools.

Report Analysis

Access reports on our dashboards to manage your administrative processes with flexibility.

Avoid Additional Fees

Avoid separate gateway fees and internet merchant account fees charged


Reduce integration efforts when your business expands.

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